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Thoughts from the Society for News Design president about the 29th Best of Newspaper Design

By Gayle Grin

As always, the competition was exciting, stimulating and tiring as the hard-working judges pored over more than 14,000 entries in three long days of debate and discussion. And before the judging could begin, the entries had to be sorted and categorized by a dedicated group of helpers.

It was an intriguing process. Initially I felt there was so much of the same good stuff but at the same time, I recognized that newspapers have reached a level of maturity in design and we have taught each other so much. I could see quality in design was being identified. With a lot of work to be reviewed, the judges quickly began acting as a unit recognizing the elusive excellence. The judges, with a good international mix, were a tough bunch!

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Syracuse dean will retire

S.I. Newhouse Dean David Rubin, longtime friend
of SND, announces he will step down in June 2008

The Society for News Design has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. C. Marshall Matlock has been there all along the way. But Dean David Rubin has been there too. Dean Rubin was crucial in approving Matlock’s plans for SU’s extended involvement as the host of the competition (this year was the 18th consecutive year) as well as numerous educational programs that brought international professionals and Syracuse students together over nearly two decades.

Monday The Blog learned that Dean Rubin has decided to step down as dean at the end of the next academic year.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reports:

David Rubin, the dean of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications for 17 years, will step down at the end of the next academic year and join the faculty in the fall of 2009, he said Monday.

Rubin, 61, said “a whole lot of things came together” – including nearing the completion of the school’s most recent addition, Newhouse III, a retooled curriculum and a new capital campaign – making June 30, 2008 the “right time” to retire as dean.

He will take a year off to write, research and recharge, before joining the faculty at the Newhouse school. He said one of his focuses will be on convergence, the joining of multiple mediums from a single news source.

Rubin noted next year will be his 18th as dean, triple the normal longevity for the position.

Matlock, SND’s competition coordinator, said “it saddens me greatly that the Newhouse School is loosing one of the finest Deans it has had in its history. As many of you know, Dean Dave Rubin has been very supportive of every program I have handled and continues to support me in making sure the School is able to do what it can do to support the Society for News Design’s annual competition.

“It was Dave who came up with the plan to make sure SND was well-served even when he was no longer Dean. That plan is now fully in place. There will be no change in the support SND and the competition receives from the School.”

Matlock assures SND the long relationship between the Newhouse School and SND will continue. “It’s also appropriate that the event will be moved to the newest building in the Newhouse Complex. This building will open this fall and is a true icon to the freedom of the press.”

Read a Q-and-A with the Dean and the Daily Orange here.

The Blog thanks Dean Rubin for all his years of dedication to visual journalism and wishes him the best in his new adventures!