Matt Mansfield is a well-known expert, instructor and mentor on news management, cultural communication, conversational + social media marketing, design and graphics use, and photojournalism.

Until May 31, he’s a senior editor and business development director at the San Jose Mercury News, the news organization that’s helped define Silicon Valley. After that? Anyone’s guess.

What makes him qualified to talk about this stuff? Good question.

Mansfield’s an accomplished news leader with experience in strategic planning, change management and writing about himself in the third person. Major strengths include decision-making, business development, new knowledge creation, and project management.

Mansfield also has significant expertise in crisis management and budgetary responsibility, with direct oversight of a multi-million dollar news budget. But that’s another story.

Mansfield is also a partner in the design and specialty training firm MG Redesign, with skills in newspapers, magazines and corporate communications. His collaborative approach to editorial operations and business development has helped set me apart in daily journalism.

Many of the older posts on this site are rescued from a group blog, SND Update, that includes authors Jonathon Berlin, Steve Cavendish, Steve Dorsey, Tyson Evans, Bill Gaspard, Scott Goldman and Kenney Marlatt.  Since I’m still contributing over there, you might see double posts from time to time if you read both sites.  Sorry about that.

Email: matt@mgredesign.com
Mobile: 408.332.4966