Make 2008 Your Year for Tech

If you read this blog, you’re probably fairly technologically-inclined. But on the off-chance that you aren’t (or if you’ve got a colleague who isn’t), check out this post by Howard Owens. He encourages you to play around on services like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter to understand what happens on them, and to think about ways journalists could utilize them. There’s even a reward involved ($100 Amazon Gift Card) for a non-techie who puts a little time into each of the services.

I certainly find merit in playing with these services (although, I’d recommend Vimeo or over YouTube – more creative content, less trash-talk). While it can seem like a nuisance managing and keeping up with each of these services, they’re succeeding because they each do one thing, and do that thing well. Plus, it allows you to tap into a community the print edition of your paper may not already be reaching…

Play around. There’s plenty of innovation yet to be had…

(A thanks to Erica Smith, who shared this link on Facebook…)

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