Resolve to attend a Quick Course in January — where it’s warm

Do your New Year’s resolutions look something like this?

1. Learn new skills.
2. Impress my colleagues.
3. Finish a project.
4. Invest in myself.
5. Meet new people.
6. Teach my coworkers something.
7. Tell stories in alternative forms.
8. Sharpen my editing tools.
9. Get out of the office.
10. Go someplace warm in January.

Then SND can help with a whole new slate of training opportunities in 2008, starting with two great warm-weather, skill-building options in January.

Jan. 18-19

Cerritos College
Cerritos, California
Doug Engle,
Regina McCombs,
Get the skills you need for use in your newsroom’s interactive projects. Learn how to mix audio and video; add stills to video; add sound effects; create titling effects and rolling credits; find and integrate music from royalty-free sites.
More information or register

Jan. 18-19
The Poynter Institute
St. Petersburg, Florida
Josh Awtry, The Salt Lake Tribune
Stephen Komives, Orlando Sentinel
Denise M. Reagan, The Florida Times-Union
Sara Quinn, The Poynter Institute
Everyone is still struggling to get alternative story forms right. Learn what kinds of stories lend themselves to what forms and how to visualize, write, edit and design them.
More information or register

See the whole 2008 Quick Course calendar and an interactive map of the locations.

One thought on “Resolve to attend a Quick Course in January — where it’s warm”

  1. If you’re coming to St. Pete, be sure to bring your shades. Not to deal with the sun or anything, but apparently I have the most BLINDINGLY WHITE TEETH EVER.

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