Two new papers launched in Delhi

In these hard times, whoever heard of two new newspapers launched within days of each other? But that’s exactly what happened in Delhi, India, just this past week.

First off the block was Mail Today, a joint venture between India Today group and Associated Newspapers of UK. The tabloid hit the streets on Nov 16.

Mail Today ( looks and reads just like its big sister, and is aimed at women.

Then on Nov 21, Aaj Samaaj (Hindi for Society Today) appeared in the streets of Delhi. The 20-page full-color broadsheet is owned by Good Morning India Media, owned by Kartik Sarma, son of a Congress Party MP and former Cabinet Minister.

Aaj Samaaj is competing with Hindustan, the Hindi paper owned by the Hindustan Times (now undergoing some tweaking by SND regional director Gabi Schmidt), Dainik Jagran (India’s biggest Hindi paper), Dainik Bhaskar, Navbharat Times (owned by the Times of India) and several smaller ones.

The Sarma family has been receiving bad press in the last couple of years. One of the sons, Manu, was involved in the shooting murder of a waitress-model in Delhi.

Aroon Purie, chairman and editor-in-chief of India Today Group said Mail Today will follow the Daily Mail pattern of reaching out to women, who have been largely ignored by the mainstream press.

Delhi (population about 14 million) is a crowded newspaper market like many of the big cities in India. There are no fewer than 15 dailies to choose from.


3 thoughts on “Two new papers launched in Delhi”

  1. whoa! They really do love their newspapers there.

    This reminds me of the launching of The London Paper and The London Lite tabs that launched at the same time.

    Any PDFs?

  2. Hmm. Interesting tksajeev.
    Should the blogger have linked to your original post?

    I noticed that this entry is not credited to any single author. It neither lists any sources, nor links to any outside data. Is this an ad for a consultant’s work?

    Perhaps the anonymous blog author could illuminate us? What were the sources for this report? And SND – will you please reveal the author?

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