Online Coverage of Californa Wildfires

Speaking of the California Wildfires, here’s an overview of the many innovative and practical ways that newspapers have leveraged the storytelling power of the Web:

At The San Diego Untion-Tribune:

The Los Angeles Times features:

Reader comments abound on all the major sites (LAT comments, San Diego U-T forums, and the NYT comments). The New York Times also hosts an interactive fire map.

This catastrophe also underlines the importance of breaking news design online. Cory Bergman outlines some of the successes and failures at the LostRemote TV blog:

(TV News Web sites’) standard templates, in my humble opinion, are restricting their coverage on the home page and don’t do much to distinguish this massive story from any other breaking news story. Everything feels like it’s jammed into small, inflexible boxes.

What journalism has caught your eye throughout all this coverage?

UPDATE: Amy Gahran has posted some other examples at Poynter.


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