Exclusive interview: Chip Kidd

The Blog counts itself lucky to have seen the smashing morning presentation by famed book jacket designer Chip Kidd Friday at SND Boston. In fact, The Blog was so psyched it accosted Kidd in the hallway and cajoled him into a sprawling seven-minute interview. Now, if you have eight minutes of your life that you’d never like to get back, The Blog encourages you to watch the above movie. There’s drama, humor, high points, low points, a beginning, middle and end — and even a surprise guest appearance. It’s better than Cats. Probably.

Thanks to Matt Erickson, Region 4 Director, for the interview and to Mr. Kidd for putting up with us.


3 thoughts on “Exclusive interview: Chip Kidd”

  1. Aside from Koci’s film, this is simply awesome. great work, guys!

    “This is the best coffee I’ve EVER had!”
    (off camera voice: “I think it’s Starbucks…”)
    “Well, whatever… “

    Cajoling + threats of pain = Harris Siegel

    News alert: Chip Kidd dumped Jon Bon Jovi in the ’80s!

    I love the production value and the “real-time feel” of not editing out The Awkward Moment of the Year Award: “I think Phillip was supposed to speak today and then we got Chip Kidd…” (Guest Appearance? Awesome!)

    Favorite: “Real quick, sum up your entire creative process….”

  2. I laughed. I cried.

    Seriously, this is very cool. The reactions are worth it all. And the fact that Chip gives such straight-faced and absurd answers? Truly fun.

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