SESSION: Minor League Papers, Big League Results

Nick Masuda, formerly of the Sun-Journal in Lewiston, Maine, and now of the Orlando Sentinel, and Matt Erickson of The Times of Northwest Indiana put on a good show as they explained the tips and tricks of getting the attention you want from a small newspaper with limited resources at the 4:45 presentation Saturday of Minor League Papers, Big League Results.

The advice they gave was complimented with a barrage of jokes and news humor. Some of their advice included knowing your fans (readers) and what they want and not being afraid to do something different to get your readers’ attention.

Erickson tongue-in-cheekly brought up a piece of advice for visual editors when showing a page with a huge photo of a burning steel mil: “Big, black, billowing smoke sells newspapers.”

It was definitely a good time, and Nick and Matt did a wonderful job of getting their points across.

>>Nate Ehmke, Nebraska Wesleyan


2 thoughts on “SESSION: Minor League Papers, Big League Results”

  1. That session was the most practical, which is a testament to you guys. There were a lot of sessions that, while interesting, just weren’t very useful to the rank-and-file designers among us.

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