Charts, maps and cartoons: covering the elections

The 2 p.m. session on elections was interesting and the panelist’s gave great advice on how to capture the reader and cover the information. To sum up their ideas the question was asked:
How do you cover elections, in one sentence or less?

Elliott Malkin, information architect in the design group at
“I build platforms to allow journalist to cover elections.”

Paul Nelson, design team leader at The Virginian-Pilot:
“We try to give readers everything that is important with the big national picture and find things that are important in the local scene.”

Dan Wasserman, cartoonist for the editorial page of The Boston Globe:
“I substitute a new teleprompter to active political candidates … I mess with their teleprompter.”

To get more design ideas or creative ideas to capture the reader, check out

>>Victoria Hatterman, NWU Reveille
>>Nate Ehmke, NWU Reveille

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