Help a student – buy a beer

There’s nothing The Blog loves more than a frosty beverage, save maybe a frosty beverage in a schnazzy cup. The Blog remembers that awesome chalice from the college years. Oh, what a sad and bitter end …

Back to today: This Bierkug is about as schnazzy as it gets. And better yet, it’s a Bierkug with a cause.

The good folks from SND/DACH, that’s the SND region representing German-speaking countries, are offering it up for bidding at SND’s silent auction here in Boston. The silent auction is an annual affair at SND’s workshop where you can buy some cool stuff to benefit the SND Foundation, which benefits students, which benefits the future of newspapers, which benefits the world.

There are some fabulous things available this year. Keep an eye on this space for details.

And if you’re coming to Boston, this Bierkug could be yours if The Blog doesn’t outbid you.


One thought on “Help a student – buy a beer”

  1. Starting the bidding on the biere sch-tein… at $200 (adjusted Gaspard-established price indices)… who’ll go a little higher? Y’know, for the kids…

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