THE INTERN: One hour to go!

The Blog heard through the grapevine that the Interns have just finished a crit with the “big dogs” at The Globe and have retreated back to the lab to fine-tune their projects. They’ve got 60 minutes to go and lots of little things to clean up!!

The Interns have been in town for less then 48-hours and their projects could, literally, be thrown on the presses now. Well, except for the fact that all the words and numbers are fake. But the content, it’s broadness in coverage, and the ingeniuos presentation methods are solid, polished and well-thought out.

Make sure you’re at the Business Lunch on Friday, where the Interns will be presenting their projects AND an announcement will be made about the TOP 5. Can you stand the wait?

The Blog can’t.

Tomorrow is a big day for the Interns. They head to formal interviews with:

Ken McFarlin, The New York Times
Melanie Shaffer, The Hartford Courant
Rob Schneider, The Dallas Morning News
Paul Nelson, The Virginian-Pilot
Greg Klee, The Boston Globe

But this just in: The Blog understands that the Interns are getting a much-deserved night off. Hopefully they won’t spend it all getting ready for their interview and spend it exploring Beantown.

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