SNDBoston countdown: 2 days

The Blog’s fully ensconced at the Park Plaza, home of SNDBoston. The weather has turned a bit more cooperative, the $1.95 happy hour menu at McCormick and Schmick’s has lessened the pain, and the crowds have begun to arrive …

Spotted: SND prez Scott Goldman, basking in the Red Sox win (and don’t tell his wife: the Yankees’ loss), Western Canada regional director Gordan Preece and his lovely wife, Deborah, who had been sightseeing around New England, and SND Foundation prez Bill Gaspard toting lots of Apple goodies for the auction and after party

Virtually spotted: VizEds honcho Robb Montgomery, who left a tweet that he was enjoying short sleeves and blue skies in Vermont, Design mag ed Jonathon Berlin, who was hopping a cab to the airport from the Windy City, and SND pub director (isn’t that a great title?) Steve Dorsey being harassed for taking pictures from a moving plane …

SNDBoston beckons … See more of you very soon.


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