SNDBoston countdown: 3 days

Coming to Boston? Ready for Red Sox fever?

Nothing, not even the rain falling now, could dampen Boston’s spirits. Why’s that? Well, the beloved Red Sox clinched their Division Series against the Angels on Sunday. The entire city (at least the rabid fans we ran into at Logan) and especially our beloved hosts at The Boston Globe, which had terrific coverage in Monday’s print edition, are ready to keep the momentum rolling.

The American League Championship Series opens Friday night at Fenway Park, and The Blog knows a lot of SNDers will be trying to get into that game. We understand the impulse, but The Blog will probably set up shop at M.J. O’Connor’s Irish Pub near SNDBoston headquarters. Don’t worry, though: We will be rooting for the Red Sox (have you seen our logo this week?).

See you on Thursday night at Felt for the official SNDBoston opening. We’re sure we will spot more than a few of you plotting strategy for how to get into Fenway on Friday!

3 thoughts on “SNDBoston countdown: 3 days”

  1. And if you want to closer, maybe too close, there are a lot of GREAT sports bars near fenway. Go early and stay late. Or go in after the game begins. Or if you’re just looking for a hotdog, there is a great scene out and about around the park. Worth a stroll and a few snapshots.

    >> Get your macho on: GAME ON
    literllay, under fenway. psst, go downstairs … TVs galore.

    >> Local Brew: BOSTON BEER WORKS
    one Blogger has been here for the past two games

    >> A Classic: CASK ‘N FLAGON
    Never anything wrong with a classic, just like the red sox

    >> Around the corner: EASTERN STANDARD
    not for the fanatic, but close enough to say you were near by, and perhaps can walk around the park

  2. “If you’re just looking for a hot dog.”

    Like I needed the author’s name with that phrase… Momma needs a gin and tonic!

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