SNDBoston: The Interns arrive Sunday

The weather in Boston couldn’t be better. And who gets to spend an entire week enjoying it? The Interns.

That is, at least when they’re not busy working and being interviewed and discussing ideas. The group, arriving on Sunday, has proposed some interesting ideas on the concept of, “What if the draft were implemented?” There were a lot of traditional answers … and a few that were really surprising as well as forward-thinking.

The Interns projects will be on display during the workshop for everyone to look through. We will be announcing the Top 5 Interns during the Friday business lunch at SNDBoston. After that, you, the SND delegation, will vote on the Top 5 to rank them. Intern No. 1 will get to choose his or her paper first, intern No. 2 will choose second, and so on.

These students have done some great work to get here and we’re anxious to see how they carry that through in some hands-on projects this coming week. We’ll update this space as much as possible, so stay tuned.


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