Through a lens, darkly

Vanity Fair’s David Margolick writes about the haunting story behind Will Counts’ iconic photo of Elizabeth Eckford, followed and taunted after being denied entrance to Little Rock Central High School:

Study any great photograph, and you will always find more things to see, and learn. For instance, there are the bystanders — out of focus, perhaps, but clear enough to reveal their indifference to or pleasure in another person’s pain. But the picture belongs to Elizabeth and Hazel, and for them it set off a drama that has never really ended. Bound together in fame and misfortune, they have tried, separately and together, to escape the frame. After a brief and well-photographed pseudo-reconciliation 10 years ago, the two are once more incommunicado, living only a few miles, and a cultural chasm, apart. While Elizabeth has spent the past decade coming out of a shell, Hazel has spent it going in.

(Photo: Will Counts Collection/Indiana University Archives)


One thought on “Through a lens, darkly”

  1. Thanks for that link, it was a fascinating story and an aspect of the Little Rock Nine saga I’d never seen before….

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