Freep multimedia wins Emmy

Detroit Free Press staff members Hugh Grannum, Stephen McGee, Nancy Andrews, Joe Swickard, David Gilkey, Craig Porter and Kathy Kieliszewski hold the Emmy trophy after winning for the Outstanding Current News Coverage for Broadband. The Free Press won over other entries from Frontline, National Geographic, and the TINA FINEBERG/AP

Detroit Free Press staffers David P. Gilkey, Stephen McGee, Kathleen Galligan, Hugh Grannum, John Masson and Joe Swickard won an Emmy tonight in the category of current news coverage for broadband. Their multimedia documentary “Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers.”

Vice president and editor Paul Anger said in the Freep article:

” ‘And this recognition underscores that the Free Press is more than a newspaper and is more than a traditional newspaper Web site. We’re committed to presenting digital news and information in many ways — and Band of Brothers is an example of that. There’ll be more and more as time goes along on’ “

Other Emmy-nominated Freep multimedia:
Ice fishing” (Outdoor writer Eric Sharp & producer/photographer David P. Gilkey)

La Calamita in Court” (Producers/photographers Stephen McGee & Mandi Wright)



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