SND.ies: Leaving the Room

While most of the judges are discussing their thoughts about the finalists in the student category, two of them–Mike Schmidt and Joe Weiss–and all of we bloggers (students at UNC-Chapel Hill) have been kicked out of the room. This is because four of the nine entries in this category are created by UNC. In the spirit of keeping the competition fair and transparent, anyone involved in the projects cannot be present for the discussion portion of the judging. Even Laura Ruel, moderator during the discussions, left the room due to her professional connection to the four UNC-made finalists.

Personally, I wish I could at least be listening through the door. Does anybody have a cup to place against the wall? What are they saying about our work? The comments would be so useful and instructive! But I understand the importance of allowing them to be completely candid. Maybe after the awards are announced at SND Boston I will be able to ask them for their critiques.

Andrea Ballocchi
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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