SND.IES: Voting chips fly as judges cast their ballots for Non-Breaking News

The judging of Non-Breaking News is well underway. The judges were all just reminded that they should all have moved on to round 3 at this point in time. It is important to have a strict schedule in order to review the approximately 80 entries that are being judged today.

Since the judges just finished voting for round two I was able to view the voting process. After each judge reviews his or her entries they cast a vote whether the site should STAY, and be considered a SND.ies finalist, or GO.

The judges cast their vote by placing one of three colored chips into a voting cup. The chips are blue, white and red. Each entry has its own voting cup. A vote with a blue chip means the judge has voted the site through to the next round of judging. A white chip is a vote against the site and a red chip means that the judge wishes to abstain from voting based on potential conflict of interest.

An entry needs to receive more than half of the judges votes to move forward in the competition and qualify as a finalist. In most instances this means an entry must receive a minimum of five votes.

Laura-Chase McGehee
UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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