SND.IES: M&M’s, Diet Coke and jokes–our judges take a well-deserved break

The judges are no longer silent; in fact they are quite restless. Just moments ago voting for round six out of seven was opened. A student volunteer took orders from the judges for refreshments. They all seem enthusiastic about this.

There are waves of commotion in the room. Believe it or not, Michelle Nicolosi is even blogging about our blogging! The room is far more relaxed than it was earlier. It is as though a cloud of tension has lifted and everyone seems to be enjoying the process a little more.

Students are constantly peeking in and out of the judging room. Most of them are SND members of the UNC Chapel Hill chapter. All observers are thrilled to take a glimpse at some of the toughest multimedia critics in action.

The student volunteers have returned with snacks. The judges are all smiles.

Please stay in touch as we continue to blog the 2007 SND.ies!

Laura-Chase McGehee
UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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