SND.IES: Back from lunch, judges dig in to Non-Breaking News

The nine judges enter the room quietly as they return from their lunch break. They appear refueled and ready for round 2A of the competition.

Category two explores three groups of Non-Breaking Presentations: News, Sports and Features. News is the first order of business.

2A focuses on all local, national, international, and business coverage. To qualify for a SND.ies non-breaking news site, the page must focus on one subject but is allowed multiple page elements.

You may be wondering why these outspoken and lively individuals are so silent after lunch? Fair question, for our judges can indeed be sprite and full of conversation. According to the SND.ies’s official judging day procedures manual, all judging must begin with a Silent Start. The first step of each round has the judges all viewing the same 10 or so sites, so conversing might sway their true opinion about the piece.

They each have more than 40 sites to review for this News subcategory, so wait and watch what happens!

Laura-Chase McGehee
UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication


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