Life lessons from turning 40 … and other weekend news

If you close your eyes, 40 looks a lot better.

It’s semi-official: The Blog decamped to San Francisco last weekend to celebrate yours truly’s 40th birthday at a party high atop the city, featuring a cast of Society stalwarts and a bunch of Bay Area friends. Seeing the journalists and civilians mix was really delightful. We gleaned several takeaways from this seminal event …

* The iPhone is not so great at taking nighttime photographs, but we still love it. And any chance to see Stephanie Grace Lim, who left the industry for PayPal earlier this year, makes image quality sort of meaningless anyhow.

* Update editor Tyson Evans, who flew in from Sin City, knows how to take photos (these are his pictures) and has a knack for almost always having a camera at the ready. This cannot be bad for SND Vegas 2008! Keep an eye out to meet him this fall in Boston!

* If you have a cool new device, you have to play with it all night and show it off at every point. This is what being a design geek is all about. Design mag editor Jonathon Berlin of the Merc proves this point to Bryan Volk of online powerhouse VideoJug.
* SND’s Region 8 Director Frank Mina of the San Francisco Chronicle, left, is a pro at organizing an after-party. We believe this will be a valuable skill for SNDBoston as we explore that great city this October.

* If you’re SND legend Nanette Bisher (Lifetime Achievement in 2005), everyone wants to be in the picture with you. Witness Nelly Min, Amy Bernstein and The Blog itself with that wonderful woman.


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