Hans-Peter Make glorious newspaper print in Kazakhstan– Just don’t call him borat!

Jak se mas! This just in from the SND Home Office:

International director Hans-Peter Janisch (left) is leading two Quick
Courses in Kazakhstan — the famed homeland of Borat (right).

Society for Newspaper Design and Kazakhstan Newspaper Publishers Association
invite you to join a hands-on workshop for designers, photo-editors and everybody involved in the design of a newspaper

News Design for Modern Media:
The changing face of the newspaper industry
August, 30-31, 2007 – Karaganda, Kazakhstan
September 1-2, 2007 – Almaty, Kazakhstan

Sessions include:
The principles of great design
Successful newspapers worldwide
Learning from mistakes: the most common problems in news design
Working with visuals: photos and infographics
Formats and designs
A close look at our work: page and design critique of the participants’ newspapers
Doing it better: a hand-on training based on the participants’ own newspapers
…and much more!

Trainer: Hans Peter Janisch, news and communication designer, SND International Director, with experience of work in Russia and Kazakhstan (redesign of the Nasha Gazeta, Kostanay, Kazakhstan: http://www.ng.kz).

The workshop lasts 2 days. Number of trainees in a group is limited to 15 persons.

For more information, please contact Irene Velska, Events Coordinator of Kazakhstan Newspaper Publishers Association at events@izdatel.kz (tel./fax: +7 3212 48 01 80), or visit http://www.izdatel.kz.

Deadline for application: August 20, 2007.

The Blog can’t help but wonder just how many goats this little shindig will cost… ;P


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