Ready… set… TRANSFORM!

More than meets the eye? Indeed. The (San Jose) Mercury News has a special treat online for all those Transformers fans who can’t wait for the movie’s release early this week — download and build your very own paper transformers!

In an especially savory twist, the Merc offers not just one robot (the good robot), not just two (an evil version, ‘natch), but also an instructional video in which someone The Blog assumes is Martin Gee, the evil scientist behind the project, shows all his tips for a solid assembly. The Blog loves the clever detail built into the robot designs and the polish of the Flash/video instructions which really takes this to a new level for newspaper bonus downloads — but we really miss the hip grooves we’ve come to cherish in Martin’s sketchbook videos.

So check out the downloads and the video while you’re waiting to go cheer on the epic battle for the world’s fate.

Want to make your own flatpack toys?
The robot downloads credit inspiration to and There’s some pretty complex stuff there, so it’s worth a scan. The Blog’s favorite was this download of an iPhone for those of us still hoping for the generosity of the tech gods.

One thought on “Ready… set… TRANSFORM!”

  1. The amazing Martin Gee is still stirring things up. I believe his “make your own” Halloween spider (too disturbing for publication) continues to hang from the rafters of the OC Register.
    I printed his piece to show at XPLANE’s Monday Morning designers’ meeting. If a “dying industry” is doing stuff this innovative, there is hope.

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