If *YOU* were in the simpsons… ?!

Asbury Park’s Harris Siegel as seen through a Simpsonian lens…

The Simpsons are coming! The Simpsons are coming!*

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out www.simpsonsmovie.com where you can create your very own Simpsons-style avatar. G’head! Sketch out your family, friends, co-workers, or do your own version of Harris… Big fun.

Okay, straight up, this has nothing to do with newspapers, design, graphics, non-compete contracts, or anything else of much import. But it’s been a lo-o-ong week already. (And we needed to clear out some of the cobwebs on The Blog). It’s still not over, but it’s almost the weekend (blessedly, a long holiday weekend for many of our readers in the U.S.). And this site is wicked cool. (The Blog wishes WE thought of it for OUR newspaper’s website — now there’s our excuse for posting the link).

*Official release date is July 27 in the U.S.


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