Sports Design Smackdown: Spurs Sweep Cavs

Ouch. As The Blog originally hails from Chicago, we’re all for NBA dynasties. But we really would have liked it if the Cavs could have at least pulled out a win. But what can you do?

The Express-News came out with a special parade edition today. Josh Trudell posted the cover and double truck photo page
over on his NPD portfolio.

As was noted over at SportsDesigner, The Plain Dealer was feeling more like “The Pain Feeler” last week. But that didn’t stop them from putting out a Cavs special section this morning for their Sunday readers. (The double truck section front is below)

Anyhoo, great stuff by Josh, Emilio Rabago, Rick Taylor, Jason Tyler and the crew over at the Express-News. And stunning pages out of Cleveland as well, courtesy of Emmet Smith, Ryan Powell and the team at The Plain Dealer. (Loved that Cavs jersey trim with the centerpieces. Nice touch.) Phenomenal work, guys!

2 thoughts on “Sports Design Smackdown: Spurs Sweep Cavs”

  1. Did you just know that they were gonna get swept when Lebron held up the Eastern Conference trophy like it meant something?

    You don’t hold up the no. 2 trophy if you want the no. 1.

  2. I agree. Winced when I saw that too. Maybe it’s all the hockey superstition bleeding through for me but — those guys won’t hardly LOOK at the playoff trophy let alone touch it or (gasp) parade with it.

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