Latino students converge for Silicon Valley coverage

They’re doing a great job with breaking down traditional news silos at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists conference, which opened today in San Jose. We all hear about audiences and how we should be able to deliver information across platforms, so that’s exactly what the student journalists (with help from a few professionals) are doing at their conference site and it’s exciting to see. Check it out yourself.

3 thoughts on “Latino students converge for Silicon Valley coverage”

  1. also tell everybody about the 2 visual workshops. it’s like 2 quick course line-ups crammed into 2 sessions.

  2. It’s true! The lineups are terrific … Elio Leturia from Columbia College and Jonathon Berlin at the Merc have assembled stellar speakers.

    First up on Friday is Power Visuals, featuring …

    * Brian Scott Ching,
    The Sacramento Bee

    * Martin Gee,
    San Jose Mercury News

    * Stephanie Grace Lim

    * Matt Petty
    San Francisco Chronicle

    * Diana Ramirez-Simon
    Fresno Bee

    On Saturday, a session on graphics to tell stories that features …

    * Dennis Bolt,
    Santa Rosa Press Democrat

    * Nathaniel Levine,
    The Sacramento Bee

    * Andrea Maschietto,
    San Jose Mercury News

    * Frank Mina,
    San Francisco Chronicle

    * Chuck Todd,
    Contra Costa Times

    Swing by either day if you’re at the workshop or just in the Bay Area!

  3. thanks matt! tomorrow will be fun and interesting. so far, i’ve edited down my inspiration / creativity presentation to 127 slides from 200. let’s see if i can bang out a 60+ minute presentation in 10! steph will be doing her famous power brainstorming presentation. we’ll see you there!

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