Hmmmmm… COOKIES! (And visuals! What a combo!)

BREAKING NEWS! Portland Quick Course to serve up knowledge… and bad-a++ biscuits!

The good folks in Portland are throwing a Quick Course on June 23. As their website says “What is the future? It’s about having less. Less money, less time, less space, less people. But it’s also about doing more. More platforms. More options. More creativity.” And apparently… MORE COOKIES too!

The Blog has learned the P.O.C. (Portland Organizing Committee) is raising the stakes. This won’t be any normal Quick Course. Not only are attendees in for a strong panel of speakers, but there’s a giant cookie surprise planned by the hosts, too. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

The Oregonian’sRandy Cox writes: What will you learn at the SND/Oregonian Quick Course in Portland? How to nurture your creative spark, how to navigate the political waters of increasingly stretched newsrooms, how to break the stranglehold of traditional story formats and how to make something great out of nothing at all. And we’ll all talk about the future of newspapers. Is it all online? What will print become? Will print designers have a place?

There’s still time to get in on the action. Get the full scoop here.


3 thoughts on “Hmmmmm… COOKIES! (And visuals! What a combo!)”

  1. I hope the quick course will share a new algorithm that uses COOKIES from web browsers to make customized news story recommendations!

    Now THAT would taste good with a glass of milk.

  2. i like chocolate chip cookies with m&ms in them.

    can’t wait for this quick course. i’m flying in thursday. lemme know if anybody wants to hang out and/or do some exploring.

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