Check out DRDC … ASAP.

Our pals over at the SND Region 4 Blog love themselves a little silkscreened poster art. And today, they’ve got a post highlighting the work of Austin, Texas-based poster artists The Decoder Ring Design Concern, or DRDC.

The Region 4 Blog also hints at something we should all be excited about — the possibility of an original silkscreened commemorative poster that might just be produced for this fall’s SND Boston workshop. The Region 4 Blog reports the early buzz is that Midwest-based poster design team Mile 44 might just be putting together a limited-edition poster for SND Boston that attendees will be clamoring to get their hands on as a souvenir.

The Region 4 Blog today turns us on to DRDC and that group’s high-concept projects for bands like Modest Mouse and The Decemberists. And they also tip us off to a t-shirt from the kids at Decoder Ring that we think should be a part of every designer’s wardrobe. Heck, they even link Decoder Ring right back to the 2005 SND Houston workshop! Shiner Bock, anyone?!?

So head on over to The Region 4 Blog for the lowdown on a new source of inspiration for lovers of all things visual.


One thought on “Check out DRDC … ASAP.”

  1. HA! that first one’s in my bedroom and I have another decoder ring mm poster in the office area that celebrates the custom concern lyrci “Gotta go to work. Gotta go to work. Gotta have a job.” Excellent!

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