New additions for SND Boston: Jenn Crandall + Kelli Sullivan

The Blog hears that The Globe’s Dan Zedek over at SND Boston has snagged two stellar speakers for a session on storytelling in print and multimedia.

The new program addition will feature Jenn Crandall, the force behind the “On Being” video project at, and Kelli Sullivan, the design force behind many of the Los Angeles Times amazing projects, including “Altered Oceans,” a Pulitzer Prize winner this year.

You can see a little bit of Jenn and Kelli’s work above in the image that leads this post, and by clinking the links in the previous paragraph. The folks at Apple’s Pro division also produced a recent video on that’s a good look at the work there, with a notable section on Jenn’s “On Being” and how The Post is trying to create appointment viewing with the feature.

Sure sounds like a terrific session (of which there are many), a real glimpse at how two major news organizations are using a variety of media and approaches to tell stories in fascinating new ways.

What else can we say? We can say this: You better be lobbying the boss hard for that trek to Boston in October. It’s going to be worth way more than the price of admission.

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