Canadian Newspaper Association: conference + awards coverage

Our old pal Gordon Preece has been doing one heck of a job blogging about the Canadian Newspaper Association summit in Winnipeg this week, which has featured a roster of industry heavyweights that spans the globe. It’s been great to catch it all live at SND’s Canada Blog.

Friday night was the big awards evening, something Gord promises to give us the skinny on come morning (and after he’s recovered, we hope, from a night of celebration).

To tide you over, The Blog got a look at the winners list for the coveted National Newspaper Awards, which honor the best in the Canadian press. So take a look to see who won, and then tune in for the behind-the-scenes party news over at the CB.

Our tireless blogger award meanwhile goes to our man on the scene in Region 9, Mr. Preece, who’s jumped right into this fray, providing us smart insight and keen commentary along the way. Kudos, sir!


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