typographic emphasis: when the boldest bold just won’t do

The Blog is a big fan of The Onion, of course, so it was exciting to read a recent story announcing a new extra slanty-italic font — y’know, for those typographic occasions when you just need that little extra uumph!

The Onion tells us more in their own words:

Extra-Slanty Italics Introduced
For Extremely Important Words

NEW HOPE, MN — In an attempt to address writers’ ever-growing word-emphasis needs, Minnesota-based Pica Foundry has developed a new, extra-slanty italic font, design director Jordan Soderblum announced Monday.

“When writing important words, authors too often bypass regular italics in favor of all capital letters, which not only look awkward but also disrupt the flow of the text,” said Soderblum, whose new italics design is slanted at a more acute 60-degree angle instead of the normal 75.
“We believe that the additional 15 degrees of slant will allow authors to create a much more intense and immediate reading experience.”

Soderblum said that his design team is currently developing a demi-semibold typeface for writers who “kind of, but not really” want to accentuate subheadings.

The Blog puts even odds that this news will prompt our favorite design guru Harris Siegel to change up his long-term endorsement of Zapf Chancery for this new typeface. No. Really…


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