Get down … Pulp Muppets

The gang at 416-Film in Toronto made this great Pulp Muppets mashup of Jim Henson meets Quentin Tarantino about six months ago and stuck it on YouTube. Like all things viral, it took a few months to go global, but it’s started taking off in a big way. The Blog’s here to help those viewership numbers, so let’s get in character …


2 responses to “Get down … Pulp Muppets

  1. This is soooo totally badass. (And yet, oddly, quite disturbing.) Bravo,!

  2. Maybe the funniest viral I’ve ever seen. Two thumbs up! Better than ‘Cats’!

    I’m trying to decide what I like better — Bunsen Honeydew as The Wolf, or the fact they introduce all the Muppet characters, yet Eric Stoltz is still just Eric Stoltz. That’s a great touch!

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