Is he strong? Listen, bud …

The Blog hears that new Spider-Man 3 movie opens at midnight. Boy, not much buzz on that thing, huh? Wonder if anyone’s designing anything on that?

Oh wait, yeah, they are … The montage above was culled from our portfolio partner NewsPageDesigner last night. We’re spotting Randy Palmer‘s unique style on the upper left there. Anyone else want to claim their work and/or explain the approach?

Let the uploading (and crawling across pages) commence!

3 thoughts on “Is he strong? Listen, bud …”

  1. really??? i should buy my ticket now. damn. i wanted to do a spiderman page and illo. i would have only used black ink for venom and/or spiderman’s black costume. i have that secret wars issue and all of todd mcfarlane’s amazing spiderman run. i remember buying venom’s first appearance (#298) for $1.75 in sf. =P

  2. The lovely Mr. Potato Head art (aka Spidey Spud) is courtesy of John J. Watkins of the Times of Northwest Indiana. The page was done by Trent J. Koland. Our paper did a different approach to the Spider-Man story … we ran it in our Kids section, INK, and focused on all of the really cool toys that are coming out for the movie. And of course, our main man SpideySpud led the pack.

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