Two for Tuesday: "Change or die"

Fig. 1 Change management Venn diagram

Via PressThink
News, Improved: Learning to Change
Tim Porter (of First Draft) and Michele McLellan (ex-Oregonian) have been on a tour of American newsrooms, daily newspaper division. Now they are back with “change or die” findings. It’s the people who have to change, they say in an excerpt from their new book. And guess what? It’s happening.

Via MultimediaShooter
The Question of Training
Richard Koci Hernandez (of the Merc) on why the responsibility of training is your own … “Two words: Train yourself! There I said it. If that makes you mad, then you can stop reading this and go back to your dark corner and wait for your newspaper to train you, send you to that wonderful all encompassing multimedia workshop in the sky, while the rest of us learn by doing.” Download his multimedia checklist

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