ONLINE AWARDS: Early 2007 SND.ies honor digital "voyages"

Thanks to Mindy McAdams for the link at Teaching Online Journalism, where she explains what she thinks about a few of the SNDies winners (she likes them).


Multimedia journalism took readers to Cuba, to an overcrowded jail, to disappearing Florida wetlands, to New York City’s underground Fulton Street Transit Station and beyond in projects honored early this year with SND.ies awards from the Society for News Design. Winners in this session included, the St. Petersburg Times, The New York Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Judges expressed an appreciation for entries that a user “can go as shallow or deep as you like” with; and really placed value on an online interface that “extends the capabilities of the newspaper.” They also awarded database-driven entries that would continue to grow: “This tool/project will be useful for years to come as the new data come in. Longer shelf life is a good innovation.”

Full details and links to the early 2007 competition can be seen at


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