A century of photography

Harlem newsboy: May-June 1943 ~ Photograph by Gordon Parks

The Blog was talking with a few photojournalist friends over the weekend and they turned us on to a site that’s stunning. Witness Shorpy: The 100-Year-Old Weblog, named for a boy who worked in an Alabama coal mine near the turn of the century (not unlike my father and his father, who were both miners in Illinois).

There’s an amazing leveling process at work because you see photographs from the famous — people like Gordon Parks, Lewis Hine, Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange — right next to images that are discovered in restoration projects, unpublished archives and other odd places.

The photographic history of America, brought to us via the digital future, with truly remarkable images of the nation’s working history. It’s an impressive effort from the good folks at Juniper Gallery.

Perhaps the best part is that this site wants your contributions — in fact, it needs them to make this a more robust experience — and in that sense it’s building an even richer history. Looks like we need to get those pictures from the old Illinois coal mines scanned and uploaded …


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