As if Google Earth wasn’t cool enough

The good folks over at Google have done it again. They mashed themselves up with the good people over at the American Institute of Architects and built 3-D models of some of America’s favorite structures. Our design brethren are celebrating 150 years and this is just one of the things they are doing. Some cool interactives here.

Google and AIA have built something that’s a whole heck of a lot like an infographic (There’s a ton of nifty 3-D attached to Google Earth). The 3-D models are built with Google’s SketchUp software. Part information. Part application. Entirely visual and entirely an immersive and interactive experience.

"Architecture defines the communities where we live, work and play,
thanks to the technology of Google Earth, we hope to connect
communities to
one another by opening the door to virtual exploration
of design and the
design process without the constraints of distance,"
said AIA CEO and
Executive Vice President Christine McEntee.

Could you replace architecture with journalism? This is interesting territory for graphic artists. These new technologies and partnerships outside journalism are pushing us to ask fundamental questions. For instance, what is an infographic? This was a hot topic at the Malofiej Summit 15 in Pamplona, Spain, this Spring and the discussion carried over to Dave Gray’s Infography blog. Dave is founder of xPlane and was the head of the jury in Spain. Join the discussion.


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